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Anonymous asked:
I'm looking to have art to use for my YouTube channel banner. Would that count as commercial use?

Hey anon! As long as no money is being made off the artwork then it counts as personal use. So a banner for your YouTube channel is okay. Hope that helps to answer your question :D

Commissions Open!


Heyy guys! I’m now taking commissions.

I’ve been in between jobs for awhile since the earlier part of the year and life decided to deal a huge blow just recently. In any case, I still need to support myself and my commitments thus I figured I should work on commissions. :D;

More info about prices, samples, how to contact me and whatnot can be found here!

Thanks for your time in reading and reblogs will be very very much appreciated ;v; Thank you again!!


Hello everyone! I’m proud and extremely excited to present to you a Bravely Default Flying Fairy Fanbook preview.

There are many more wonderful artists in this book. Participants in no particular order are :

Haku | Jialing Pan | Loika | Leslie Hung | Yoonmi | Finni Chang | Hwei | Sushes | Max | OnoMono | Fenix | Mero | Kim Quim | Blue | Mirukupie

The book will be B5 size and Full Colour; alongside some little extras for everyone who purchases. Page count and title TBA as we’re in the midst of finalizing the layout and printer details.

Preorders will open at My Storenvy In a couple of weeks. In the mean time keep your eyes peeled for more previews!

Thank you so much and much appreciated for sharing if you do : )

Preview of a Bravely Default book that I’m in! :D Details will be out soon~

rock bottom.

everyday is a struggle to stay alive, i’m trying my best,
in the end drawing is still my one and only outlet.

the future is always like this cut-off, faraway placethat the present me feels no certainty that another step is on level ground

the future is always like this cut-off, faraway place
that the present me feels no certainty that another step is on level ground